Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction (TCM NC) – is a set of methods, processes, resources that take place within the framework of the relevant organizational and administrative structures used in the management of investment and construction projects for creation of strategic assets in Rosatom portfolio of projects.

It consists of 3 components:

  • The methodology and processes, which define the principles and rules for system operation and bind all participants.
  • IT systems, databases and historical knowledge base integrated into a digital platform – a unified information environment.
  • People, their competencies, roles and responsibilities, principles of interaction in projects (collaborations) and corporate culture.

Key principles and system elements:


  • Process approach
  • Modern cost engineering standards
  • Transparency and credibility of data
  • International expert assessment of the results
  • Acceptance by foreign investors


  • Processes of strategic assets management (NPPs)
  • Project management and control processes
  • 8 key points of investment decision-making
  • 5 classes of cost estimation accuracy
  • 4 levels of methodological documentation
  • 1 unified historical knowledge database

All TCM NC system processes bases on the Deming cycle:

  • Plan – that means Project planning process
  • Do – the implementation
  • Check – Project progress and performance measurement
  • Act – Impact assessment and project adjustment

TCM NC PROGRAM is implemented for creation and deployment of TCM NC system.

Program Goals are the following:

  1. Implementation of an effective management system that meets international standards and requirements of foreign customers and investors
  2. Conducting a reliable Cost estimation at all stages of the construction project
  3. Achievement of cost-and time-bound targets in projects

Introduction of a dynamic system for calculating cost and timing of NPPs construction.

Program includes 6 projects. Program implementation is based on the principles of project management.

Each project has a Director, Manager, and project team composed by employees of the organizations involved in the Program.

The program is supported by:

  • Program management office – management and administrative support
  • Expert community – assessment of the developed solutions
  • Cost ESTIMATION Expert committee
  • Committee on IT strategy

3 pilot NPP construction projects have been selected.

6 projects are performed in the following areas: methodology, cost estimation, IT system and automation, project cost accounting, unified classification and coding system, development and certification of personnel.

All the Program projects are interlinked and intended to achieve a common result. Integration of the works between the projects is very important.

Interrelationship of TCM NC Program projects can be described as:

  • Cost estimation, implementation of TCM NC IT-system, project-based accounting, classification and coding system, as well as training are based on methodology developed in project No.1
  • Cost estimation is performed in accordance with the classifiers and codes (KKS) entered into TCM NC IT-system.
  • Data and algorithms on cost estimation have been entered into TCM NC IT-system to provide automatic calculations
  • Submission of actual data to the TCM NC IT-system is carried out in accordance with the project accounting requirements
  • Results of each project are incorporated in the TCM NC training program for industry organizations.

The implementation of 6 TCM NC Program projects is performed with involvement of a large number of participants: about 250 employees and managers from 13 enterprises and divisions of Rosatom and 21 Russian and foreign experts from 20 non-nuclear organizations.

The program is implemented according to the principles of project management.

«Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction Program Implementation for Rosatom NPP projects» on IAEA Technical meeting 24.04.2018