TCM NC (Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction) is an integrated system of time and cost management of nuclear facilities construction.

TCM NC system is a part of the Rosatom State Corporation management system and applied at the Rosatom State Corporation companies in the Russian Federation and abroad.

TCM NC system ensures the achievement of key results:

  • Cost management
  • Time management
  • Cost control and risk management
  • Increase of Rosatom projects attractiveness for investment

TCM NC system is a set of methods, processes and resources that are applied within the organizational and administrative structures and used in the management of investment and construction projects on formation and development of strategic assets.

TCM NC system has three main components:

  • Methodology and processes
  • People, roles, competencies
  • TCM NC information system

TCM NC system is designed to improve the efficiency of cost and time management of investment and construction projects, including:

  • cost estimation using established methods and valid data
  • mid- and long-term budget planning based on cost estimates
  • early detection of deviations and effecting changes
  • multiple-path analysis of impending expenditures
  • making timely and well-considered decision
  • continuous monitoring of projects implementation in the Russian Federation and abroad, as well as profit-making capacity and risks control

TCM NC system applies to investment and construction projects of the nuclear industry:

  • Construction and development of nuclear power plants
  • Construction and development of research and technology nuclear centers

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