Professional skills Contest


Creation of highly skilled builders’ labour good image and achievements and best practices propaganda are the main contests objectives. Every year the Contest becomes the center of gravity of the best representatives of working and engineering professions of the nuclear industry construction, the true labour celebration, the platform for communication, training and exchange of experience.

More than 250 experts from 60 enterprises, who are involved in nuclear industry investment construction, participate in the Contest final (more than 1000 participants at qualifying stages).

For the title of the Best are competing designing engineers, pricing and estimate norms experts, nondestructive testing operators, geodetic engineers, construction control experts, labour protection specialists and also information modeling experts. Contest Judges sel ect the best cable-based network installation and industrial pipelining installation brigade, as well as the best pipelining installation brigade. The largest nomination is «The Best nuclear industry construction site», Teams of dozens experts, consisting of welders, fitters, concreters, foremen and other areas specialties compete in it. Nuclear facilities projects management experts also participates in the Contest.

For each contestant check of theoretical knowledge, professional skills and performance of a practical task with use of the hi-tech equipment is provided.

Federal and local officials, institutes for development, industry national associations executives, construction and manufacturing companies management, expert community take part in the Contest schedule, that is full of interactives, discussions, live interviews, examples fr om practice. At the Contest final one can attend the interactive zone and an exhibition display, during which the companies show their best projects and work exercises. Introductory tours, mins gams and quizzes arranged for school and university students.

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