Nuclear installation construction maintenance


Functions of Rosatom's CEMCP

  • Construction quality control
  • Construction deadline control
  • Construction cost control

Construction quality control

  • Control of compliance of supplied/ applied structures, items, and materials under the approved detailed design and technical reference documents
  • Control of technology of construction and installation processes and manufacturing quality
  • Identification of defects and deficiencies in the production of works, structural elements, and entire facilities. Control of their timely correction
  • Control of proper installation, trials, commissioning of equipment and systems
  • Control of sequence, scope and deadlines of necessary research works, laboratory tests, monitoring observations, and instrumental control
  • Control of accuracy of reflection of geodetic parameters of buildings (structures) during executive geodetic surveys
  • Control of construction and installation organizations' execution of the Instructions of Construction Control and Author Supervision issued by state construction supervision authorities
  • Primary acceptance of critical building structures, including those concealed during subsequent works with engagement of construction and assembly organizations and design organization
  • Control of availability, correctness and deadlines of source executive technical documentation, as well as general and special work log
  • Control of compliance of the scope of construction and installation works performed and submitted for acceptance to project documentation
  • Verification of completed work scopes submitted for delivery by construction and installation organizations (acts are provided as per KS-2 form) for compliance with project and estimate documentation
  • Identification and rejection of unjustified scopes

Control of compliance to construction deadlines

  • Analyzing of scope of works scheduled in project documentation and construction contracts
  • Development and keeping updated work schedules, including the use of Oracle Primavera software in accordance with the approved project documentation
  • Monitoring of compliance with the planned deadlines by construction and installation organizations during execution of works

Control of compliance to the estimated cost

  • Performance of incoming control of estimated documentation for completeness, quality, informational content and sufficiency for carrying out the works, compliance of main solutions to previously approved project documentation
  • Monitoring of contractors' compliance with contractual obligations based on the data on acceptance of completed works provided by technical supervision
  • Maintenance of operational records of construction in progress: growing scopes and cost of accepted and paid construction and installation works
  • Verification of procurement documents (price lists, volumes) of construction and assembly organizations and suppliers
  • Prevention of unreasonable increase of rates and volumes; identification and rejection of unreasonable costs
  • Organization and implementation of control and expert procedures