Nuclear installation construction maintenance



  • Construction quality control
  • Compliance with construction deadlines
  • Estimate cost control

Construction quality control

  • Compliance control of the arriving/applied designs, products and materials mentioned in the detail engineering design documentation or in technical normative documents
  • Construction and installation processes technology and performance of works quality control
  • Defect and omissions isolation during performance of the works, construction of the structural parts and during the project construction in general. On-time rectification control
  • Proper installation works control, carrying out of tests, equipment and systems start-up and adjustment works control
  • Control of sequence, volumes and terms of conducting necessary research works, laboratory researches, regime observations, instrumentation monitoring
  • Control of accurate representation of the geodetic parameters of buildings (constructions) at as built geodesic surveying
  • Effective oversight of implementation of notices to comply by the construction and installation contractors, issued by building inspection, designer supervision and government construction oversight authority
  • Implementation of building critical structure intermediate acceptance including acceptance, concealable during the process of further production works
  • Primary as built engineering documentations and general and specific works logs availability, accuracy and on-time drafting control
  • Control of the concordance between amount of completed and delivered construction and installation works of design documentation
  • Compliance checks of the amounts of completed work by the construction and installation contractors (Acts, KS-2 form) with the design and estimate documentation
  • Identification and rejection of unreasonable volumes

Compliance with construction deadlines

  • The analysis of the planned quantity of activity according to design documentations and contractor agreements
  • Development of the activity based network and keeping it up to date, and also using software solution «Oracle Primavera» within the framework of a project document
  • Monitor over construction and installation contractors complying with the time requirements during the course of performance of the works

Estimate cost control

  • Conducting receiving inspection of estimate documentation for compliance with completeness of sets, quality, informativeness and adequacy for works performance; compliance of with key points of previously approved design documentation
  • Monitor over the contractors complying with contractual obligations on the basis of the record of delivery and acceptance of performed works, provided by the technical supervision service
  • Conducting real-time records management of the construction works in progress: maintaining increasing volumes and cost of the paid and accepted construction and installation works
  • Purchasing documents (nomenclature of prices, volumes) verification of the construction and installation contractors and suppliers
  • Preventing unjustified increases in rates, volumes; identifying and rejecting unnecessary costs
  • Monitoring expert procedures management