Additional vocational training in the СEMCP


Full name: Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects, Private Enterprise of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

Abbreviation: COE for Major Construction Projects PE

Stockholder: State Corporation «Rosatom»

Foundation date: 2012 year

Legal address: 26 Staromonetnyi per., 119180, Moscow, RUSSIA

Postal address: Krugozor Business Centre, 30/1, build.1 Obrucheva str., 117485, Moscow, RUSSIA

According to the license for implementation of educational activity (a series 77L01 N0008506 the registration number No.037682 of July 7, 2016) granted by the Moscow Department of Education, СEMCP ROSATOM has the right to render services in additional vocational training.

The purpose of the training process is additional vocational training programs implementation of candidates in design engineering, engineering, construction works and nuclear facilities decommissioning.

Approval document copies:

Educational establishment Articles Licence to carry out educational activities (together with enclosures)

The organization and maintaining financial and economic questions is carried out according to the current norms of in СEMCP ROSATOM.

Local regulations

The list of the Local regulations for educational process and employees and involved experts work:

  • Regulation on the internal system of quality assessment of additional vocational training programs and results of their realization in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on the commission for dispute settlement between participants of educational process in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on additional vocational training procedure according to individual education plan in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on involvement of third-party experts for conducting pedagogical and scientific activity in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on the procedure of learning achievements monitoring, an intermediate and final students assessment in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on the establishing of commercial educational services in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulations of internal rules of conduct for students in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulations of admission, transfer, decline and recovery of students in СEMCP ROSATOM (including procedure and the reasons for transfer, decline and recovery of students, procedure of beginning, temporary interruption and termination of the relations between students and СEMCP ROSATOM)
  • Regulation on processing and protection of employees personal data of СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on maintaining «students personal records» in СEMCP ROSATOM
  • Regulation on establishing the procedure of issuing and keeping records of qualification documents in СEMCP ROSATOM

Educational process Contracts:

  • Contract for additional vocational training programs (skill improvement / professional retraining), bilateral
  • Contract for additional vocational training programs (skill improvement / professional retraining), trilateral
  • Trainer employment agreement

Working hours

СEMCP ROSATOM working hours: from 9:00 till 18:00, Saturday and Sunday – day off.

Classes are given all the year round. The structure of educational process consists of the following basic elements of studies in group: lectures, seminars, a practical training, tests, consultations, self-guided work and a final assessment.

The planned dates of training

Name of the Training Program
Number of Hours
Training of experts, who are carrying out professionally public assessment of educational programs
May-June, 2020
16 hours
Training of experts, carrying out the independent qualification assessment in examination centres
May-September, 2020
16 hours
Independent qualification assessment training for nuclear industry specialists (experts)
September-October, 2020
16 hours

Contacts of supervisors

Structure and management body

Educational activity in СEMCP ROSATOM is carried out according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Articles of the enterprise and local regulations. The general management is performed by Petr Anatolyevich Stepayev, Director General.

Qualification and communications development Management, in accordance with duty regulations and according to job schedule, exercises control over educational process.

The quality of educational process in many respects depends on the level of trainers’ professional expertise, who form a group of permanent trainers with professional knowledge, broad-based scientific knowledge and practical experience of work.

Trainers have a college degree, which corresponds to taught discipline.

Employment period
Skill improvement program
Zykova Aleksandra Pavlovna
Head of the Assessment and Qualification Development Department
High-teacher Education (Historian. History teacher)
8 years
«Budget and risk management on projects» (2016, PMExpert), «Earned Quantity methodology» (2017, PMSOFT), «Independent qualification assessment training for nuclear industry specialists (experts)» (2018, National Qualification Development Agency (NQDA)
Maximova Marina Igorevna
Expert of the Center for Independent Qualification Assessment and Accreditation of Educational Programs
University degree (economist with a degree in Banking and Finance)
11 years
«Training in professional and public accreditation of educational programs» (October 2018), «Training in independent qualification assessment for nuclear industry specialists (experts)» (July 2018), «Training program in development of assessment tools for qualification assessment with the use of designed methodological software «Assessment of qualifications» (June-July 2018)
Novokreschenova Olga Alexandrovna
Senior Specialist of the Center for Independent Qualification Assessment and Accreditation of Educational Programs
Ph.D. in Economics, university degree (master's degree in Management»)
9 years
«Training in professional and public accreditation of educational programs» (October 2018)

Ongoing educational programs

СEMCP ROSATOM carries out educational activities for four educational programs:

Training is carried out according to the program plan of study, intramural and intramural distance form of study.

Students groups organization, as well as the training process performed according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Educational process is based on curriculum. Learning is held in the form of training courses, duration of which is defined by the training program academic load.

Classes are conducted in groups, on a day-to-day basis, according to the approved curriculum, outside the workplace.

Depending on student category or course theme, the training ends with end-of-course assessments in the form exam or testing.

СEMCP ROSATOM Director General approves composition of the assessment commission, which carries out the end-of-course assessments. The assessment commission is headed by the chairman, who controls commission activity.

Professional Development Certificates, of standard form, are given to student, who have successfully passed the final assessment. The Certificates are issued according to the assessment commission decision stated in the protocol. Issued Certificates are recorded in the register book of qualification document.

Number of students

Total number of students enrolled on training from July 18, 2016 till April 1, 2019 – 71 students.

Material support of educational activity

For carrying out Additional Vocational Training СEMCP ROSATOM have at its disposal classes equipped up-to-date computers, office equipment and furniture for 16. The total floor area of the classroom is 87,48 sq.m.

СEMCP ROSATOM has printing and electronic library which contain methodical, educational and reference books. The library regularly obtains new educational books. Free access to limitless information resources of the Internet.

Report on self-examination for 2017 Report on self-examination for 2019