Video contest «Work beyond the time»


Video contest «Work beyond the time»

Contest Period: 1 June – 10 November 2020.

Three stages:

  • Stage 1: 1 June – 7 August 2020

    Receipt of applications and videos at email address marked as «Contest».

  • Stage 2: 7 August – 14 August 2020

    Shortlisting of the submitted videos by the Jury members and selecting 1 (one) best video in each category.

  • Stage 3: 14 August – 10 November 2020

    Selecting and awarding the winners until 10 November 2020.


The winner of each category receives a video camera with a stabilizer and is invited to the VI Nuclear Industry Student Construction Brigades Forum.

The categories of the video contest

  1. The builder – profession of tomorrow
    A video (video clip) will have to contain an unrestricted «story of self» in any genre, telling how and why a student joined the Student Construction Brigades of the State Corporation «Rosatom» and about his/her first time at the construction site.

  2. Generational bridge
    A video (video clip) will have to contain an unrestricted story in any genre, telling about any concerted activities of the «fighters» of the Student Construction Brigades of ROSATOM with the veterans of the movement and / or veterans of the nuclear industry and / or veterans of the Great Patriotic War, it may also reflect the social, volunteer nature of students' work with schoolchildren or children in the regions with ROSATOM presence.

  3. Safe work is cool!
    A video (video clip) will have to contain a story about the main rules of safe behavior at the construction sites of the State Corporation «Rosatom», the norms and rules that are observed at the construction site and telling about the priority importance of the concept of «safety» for the State Corporation.

  4. A day in the life of Student construction Brigades
    A video (video clip) showing a day in the life of «fighters» at the construction sites of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom». In an unrestricted form, one needs to describe a working day of a student at a construction site, and to reflect the most important points.

  5. #workiscool at ROSATOM
    A video (video clip) in a musical genre in which it is necessary to come up with a musical composition (song or hymn) dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the nuclear industry. A slip sync or live performance by a single person or a group.

Contest conditions of entry

To enter the video contest one must submit the following documents marked «Contest» to the Organizer's e-mail from 1 June to 7 August 2020:

  • an electronic video clip or a link to an online video
  • application for participation, including contact information. If there is a group of people involved, each member of a group should submit an application
  • consent to process personal data. If a group of people is involved, each member of a group should give his/her consent to process personal data

Video requirements

  • Post-production and video-editing are allowed at the discretion of the author
  • The video genre can be chosen at the discretion of the author
  • Usage of photos, archival and current images, newsreel footage, and, etc is allowed
  • The video material will have to be presented in an interesting and concise manner with the original text (voiced by a voice-over talent, the contestant him/herself or with captions)
  • The video should have a title, location, year and a reference to the authors
  • One video cannot be used in more than one category

Technical requirements:

  • Format: AVI, MOV, MPEG-2 or MP4 (H264 codec)
  • Minimal bitrate (quality): 15 Mbps
  • Orientation: horizontal (aspect ratio 16:9)
  • Size: from 200 to 700 MB
  • Preferable frame rate: 25 frames per second

We do not accept videos:

  • containing political, religious and other propaganda, false information, calls for national discord, slander and personal attacks
  • containing profanity
  • infringing copyright
  • advertising or any other work created in the interests of market player companies specifically for their advertising media, regardless of its content and artistic value