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The use of advanced efficient technologies in the construction of IRC MBIR

On September 3, 2020 a working meeting of the ACCNI technical policy committee, entitled: «The use of advanced efficient technologies in the construction of IRC MBIR and other technically challenging unique objects in order to reduce labor costs and maintaining construction time» was held.

The participants of the meeting were Sergey Malinin, Director General of ACCNI, Ivan Stroganov, Director of Design at JSC Institute Orgenergostroy, Valery Dorf, PhD in Technical Science, Director for Science at JSC Institute Orgenergostroy, Dmitry Korotkikh, Grand PhD in Technical Sciences – Leading Research Fellow, Nikolay Merkushev, Industrial Contractions Chief Engineering Officer at BKP-2 JSC Atomenergoproekt, Yevgeny Miryushenko, Honoured Worker of the Nuclear Industry – Advisor at Servo Test-Systems company, Sergey Kiverov, Deputy Director for Projects under Construction – Head of MBIR and JSC «SSC RIAR» construction projects and others.

Sergey Malinin opened the meeting: «We employ a wide range of industrial technologies, today, the ACCNI team consists of 55 organizations with all the capabilities and competencies. A consortium has already been created for the implementation of the MBIR project and all participants have been identified in accordance with the directions. One of the challenges we are facing now is how we will implement the appropriate technologies for the project. Today, we would like to address questions related to the management of concrete works, the use of high-level concreting technology with the use of self-compacting concrete (SCC) as a means of reduction of the time of work, the use of special compositions and materials for hydraulic engineering installations and other nuclear power plant facilities, the developing of technological regulations concepts for the construction of nuclear facilitis and other ROSATOM projects.» Presentation of the developed company standards as part of the ROSATOM standardization program.

The experts heard and discussed reports on various unique technologies introduced at nuclear facilities construction sites, specified the peculiarities of concrete construction sites, penetrating concrete waterproofing technologies and the zero waste structure erection technology development need for the IRC MBIR construction.

The discussion raised several questions concerning an absolute necessity for scientific support at construction laboratories and possible changes in the process of industry standards modification concerning scientific support. It was decided to make suggestions for ACCNI about additional demand for technology regulations concerning the construction of nuclear facilitis and other ROSATOM projects.

At the end of the technical policy committee meeting, the participants noted the high level of preparation, the productive dialogue between the attendees and the need to hold such meetings on a quarterly basis.