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The MBIR project obtained favourable conclusion from the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia

On August 25, 2020 the Federal autonomous institution «Main Department of State Expertise» issued a favourable conclusion based on the results of the review of the design documentation for the MBIR research facility and the results of the engineering survey results. The next major step for the implementation of the large-scale industry project is to obtain the construction license, at which point it a new funding and signing of the prime contract is expected. In accordance with the approved project roadmap, the full-scale scope of work at the construction site using modern construction technologies will start by the end of this year.

The Department of Capital Investments, State Construction Regulations, and State Expert Reviews of ROSATOM and core operating division of the construction customer JSC «SSC RIAR» as an operating company, as well as JSC GSPI as a general design contractor provided efficient support for the MBIR project expert review in the main expert organization of the country. The concerted teamwork allowed to follow up on the feedback and achieve positive results in a short time.

The International Research Center based on the MBIR reactor will become a global platform for major nuclear physics research to justify the development of two-component nuclear future energy system. Its unique physical characteristics are best suited for material science experiments, and testing innovative fuel in environments with different coolants and different performance parameters. The MBIR will have extensive capabilities for testing of a closed nuclear fuel cycle, new technologies for the production of radionuclides and modified materials, carrying out new types of reactor equipment testing, and also generating electricity and heat.