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Changes are made in the IRC MBIR licence for construction

On September 4, Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Regulations, and State Expert Reviews at ROSATOM, granted a licence for construction, taking into account the alterations in the design documentation, which has positive expert conclusions of FAE «RF Glavgosekspertiza» dated August 25, 2020. These changes allow to increase the volume of operations and will result in timely implementation of the key stages for 2020.

Construction licence changes establish conditions to continue the construction of the IRC MBIR facility in accordance with the upd ated design documentation developed by JSC GSPI (General Designer).

The International Research Center on the basis of the MBIR nuclear research facility, constructed at the site of JSC «SSC RIAR» (Scientific Division of ROSATOM, Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region), will become an international platform to perform the necessary experiments after the reactor commissioning. Thus, with the launch of MBIR, Russia is going to be the world leader among fast neutron research facilities and will establish an exceptional research infrastructure. This is particularly important in view of promoting Russia’s interests in the world.

MBIR and its unique physical characteristics, a 150 MW thermal power of reactor and high-flux in reactor core (5.3×1015×cm-2×s-1) will se t the stage to justify the creation of new competitive and safe nuclear power plants, including fast neutron reactors for closure of the nuclear fuel cycle. At the same time, the research time at the new reactor, in comparison with the current installations, will be reduced several times.