The mission of the Branch Centre of the capital construction (OCKS) of ROSATOM is to create, document and implement industry solutions, which will increase management and implementation efficiency of capital investment projects for ROSATOM State Corporation in Russia and abroad, as well as to provide total control and regulatory framework of capital construction ensuring unconditional security as part of company responsibilities.


The goal of the Branch Centre of the capital construction (OCKS) of ROSATOM is guaranteeing the execution of the capital investments programs in industry and elaborating the uniform norms and standards for capital investments facilities management.

Company’s strategy

  • development of the management and implementation of control functions of the Investment and Construction Projects (ICP).;
  • development of industry price control system of the ICP;
  • development of ICP participants’ competence and qualifications;
  • Implementation of industry tools and innovative solutions in the process of managing ICP in Russia and abroad.

Nuclear industry ICP projects implementation control

The OCKS area of responsibility in processes of State Corporation ROSATOM capital investments control system

Sector functions and capital construction management