СEMCP (Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects) is a functional centre of ROSATOM State Corporation for control, regulation, and improvement of management processes and implementatio of investment and construction projects in nuclear industry.


The mission of СEMCP ROSATOM is to create, document and implement industry solutions and tools, which will increase management and implementation efficiency of capital investment projects for ROSATOM State Corporation in Russia and abroad, as well as to provide total control and regulatory framework of capital construction ensuring unconditional security as part of company responsibilities.


The goal of СEMCP ROSATOM is guaranteeing the execution of the capital investments programs in industry and elaborating the uniform norms and standards for capital investments facilities management.

Company’s strategy

  • Development and improvement of the industry cost and time management system for investment construction projects (ICP)
  • Competence and qualification development of industry investment construction projects participants
  • Implementation of industry tools and innovative solutions in the field of efficient use of resources when managing and implementing Rosatom investment construction projects in Russia and abroad

Nuclear industry ICP projects implementation control

The СEMCP area of responsibility in processes of State Corporation ROSATOM capital investments control system

Sector functions and capital construction management

Rosatom project: Nuclear Power Pavilion at VDNKh

Nuclear Power Pavilion at VDNKh – is an exhibition and educational complex in the format of science center.

Address: Moscow, VDNKh

Project Objectives
  • The central tenet of the Pavilion is to educate a person as well as entertain
  • The main approaches to creating an exposition: narrativeness, interactivity, atmosphere control
  • Designed for a wide audience and for those, interested in the use of nuclear energy
Project Features
  • The total area is almost 25,000 square meters
  • Estimated average number of visitors is up to 3000 people per day
  • Maximum capacity is 4500 people at a time

Project status report

  • Permitting documents

    Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia conducted final inspection of the construction site, which resulted in a conclusion on the compliance of the constructed facility

  • Progress of works

    In 2022, the construction of the roof, external utilities, and building facade was completed.

Photos of the project

Rosatom Project: Nuclear Medicine Building

Nuclear Medicine Building on the Territory of Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center Of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

Address: Moscow, 1 Samora Mashela str.

Photos of the project